The founder of Art LAB Workshops is Julia Mandle, a NYC professional artist and art teacher known in Amsterdam for her students’ school-wide exhibitions "Klik" of digital black & white photography at the elementary schools of Ijburg (Laterna Magica and Montessori Steigereiland). Reviewed in several articles, the exhibitions astonished many viewers by the ability of the children and professional quality of the presented artwork.

Julia Mandle has a Master's degree in Fine Art and a Bachelor's degree in Art History with special honors. She believes in making art accessible to all ages and abilities. She enthusiastically conveys the stories and symbols of historical and contemporary art work to her students. Making the classroom a welcoming, engaging and enriching place are her core goals. Each class begins with open sketching and during the main project, children are free to talk with each other. Each class concludes with a reflection period when each child has a chance to give constructive feedback to one another. During the lesson, Mandle plays music to emphasize aspects of each lesson and children are welcome to jump up and dance. 

Julia Mandle's own artwork is conceptual, ranging widely in material and is exhibited internationally. For more information about her artwork, visit: www.juliamandle.com​